US National Debt to be distributed to everyone in the world

«Biggest financial bubble in the world, & the strongest example of greater fool theory» — these words of ShapeShift’s CEO Erik Voorhees inspired the economist James LeRoy to launch DUSA, the initiative for US National Debt tokenization.

«We are the citizens of the Earth, and we are worried about the economic instability coming from developed countries to the rest of the world», says James, «We have chosen a permanently growing US national debt as the sign of a vast trough in the distribution of capital and people’s wealth.»

James and his team have created a DUSA token with a total supply tightly following the level of US National Debt. By design, anyone can get 1,000 DUSA tokens linked to 1,000 of debt dollars. Intentionally, it was built on top of Telegram Open Network, which recently fell under the accusations of SEC. It is also worth to mention DUSA is the first token built on TON.

Cryptocurrencies are often claimed to be the biggest financial bubble in history. However, compared to USND, they are nothing, and that’s what the DUSA initiative is intended to demonstrate by giving away «Debt USA» tokens to everyone.

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