SAVL - community-based mobile platform that simplifies cryptocurrency peer-to-peer lending

Today we’re going to show you something new. Not another cryptocurrency, but an extra useful tool for cryptocurrency holders, and especially for those who live with it 24/7.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce SAVL – a mobile app available both for Android and iOS. Its developers, who represent a team of brilliant professionals from US, Europe, South America and Russia, describe it as a “human-centered financial ecosystem”, but it’s something way more complicated.

So, what is SAVL?

It’s a community-based mobile platform that simplifies cryptocurrency peer-to-peer lending, savings and payments and makes them faster and more secure. One can consolidate all the currencies he owns, in one reliable wallet, which is, for more convenience, assigned to phone number. The user can store private keys from any currency, whether it is Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ripple, Ethereum, etc.… Savl does not store your private key on servers. SAVL app stores private keys and signs the transaction on your device then passes the signed transaction to blockchain for execution. This is a very secure way.

This assigning allows to absolutely securely send crypto to any person from your phone book without any additional information; moreover, it gives you an option to start a secure and encrypted instant chat within the app .

The app’s interface is worth being noticed – it’s easy-to-use and contains everything necessary for beginners, traders, crypto-enthusiasts, and investors. It shows the latest news from authority sources, such as Bloomberg, Coindesk, Forklog, so that it’s much easier to make decisions.

SAVL supports over 1000 cryptocurrencies with interactive charts and ability to exchange peer 2 peer.

Interactive chart of cryptocurrencies with information received from the top 10 main exchanges by liquidity helps the user to monitor his or her cryptocurrency assets in the real time. There’s also a platform named SAVL Market allowing the user to publish ads for instant exchange of digital assets.

If you still hold a significant amount of fiat and want to purchase crypto, or – vice versa – want some fiat in exchange for crypto – SAVL will assist with it, too, with an exchange SAVL Escrow tool allowing to change fiat to crypto assets and back. It’s genuinely secure and offers 100% protection from the risk of chargebacks

The app is still in the process of development, and some planned innovations are about to be implemented quite soon, e.g., P2P money lending. This allows lending money to people you trust using smart contracts and rate the borrower so that the others might see the rating. If you need a loan – well, this works for every user but is not the only opportunity to get one. By February 2019, SAVL will have released a blockchain-backed loan program, so that you can get fiat USD for backing your bitcoin.

It seems like the developers intend to turn SAVL into a supercharged ecosystem enabling the user to operate all assets throughout it, and, let us ensure you, more features are yet to come to prove it!