Bitflip exchange is on the edge of being a scam

Uh oh, things are heating up now! Bitflip, a fairly new stock exchange which went live on June 17th in 2017, suddenly stopped user withdrawals 10 days ago. The information came to us from a source familiar with the situation who also suffered from the exchange’s actions.

The only information we have is that the aforementioned crypto agent doesn’t let its client withdraw bitcoins, roubles and dollars, while some cryptocurrencies like Bitcoen (BEN) are free to be output. According to the received information, technical support team claimed that the technical issues would be solved by October 28th. However, as we all can see, the problem is still here.

Are these just technical issues or something more serious? The exchange features a chatroom where users discuss a pretty stirring theory that the owner of the project went away and now is on the islands. At the same time it is known that there is only one technical specialist servicing the platform, and hasn’t even started to search for solutions. One american dollar, according to the exchange’s rates, equals to 57 roubles.

We’ll keep our eye on the situation, as it already smells like scam now.. Our journalists a waiting for the formal management response, not for weak excuses of the support team. Stay up-to-date with us!