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0.000001 BTC

Market Cap:

$60 484 123

Circulating Supply:

9 946 409 778 ZIL

Max Supply:

21 000 000 000 ZIL

About Zilliqa

Zilliqa's(ZIL) cryptocurrency, launched in December 2017, is an another platform that experts and analysts compare to Ethereum. A feature of the Zilliqa platform is the high network capacity, which increases in direct proportion to the growth of network volumes. On the platform Zilliqa, each user will be able to develop his own applications, which will use smart contracts. It is also important to note that the Zilliqa network uses a well-known method of sharding, in which the main network is divided into smaller networks. Thanks to the sharding, Zilliqa's cryptocurrency network will be much easier than a network of cryptocurrencies not using it. All services on the Zilliqa platform will be available for purchase using the ZIL token. The developers of Zilliqa have decided to release 21 billion ZIL tokens, but initially only 60% will be generated. The remaining 40% of tokens will be mined within the next 10 years. In the second quarter of 2018, the released ZIL tokens will be added to the Zilliqa network. Zilliqa is a promising young cryptocurrency that can seriously compete with the Etherium in the future. Now ZIL is relatively inexpensive, but the capitalization of $ 795 million and the addition of a token to many exchanges, indicates the imminent growth of the rate. If you want to know the latest information about Zilliqa, visit its telegram account @zilliqa.

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