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0.005747 BTC

Market Cap:

$484 817 600

Circulating Supply:

9 263 669 ZEC

Max Supply:

21 000 000 ZEC

About Zcash

Zcash is a cryptocurrency with a high level of confidentiality. The main advantage of this e-currency is that transactions are recorded in the blockchain, but it is impossible to know not only the sender or the addressee, but also the amount of payment. In 2014, Zerocoin developers from the Johns Hopkins University and groups of cryptographers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Israel Institute of Technology and Tel Aviv University developed the "Zerocash" protocol. Together they were able to improve the original design, making it more efficient and more private. The Zcash project was officially announced by the executive director of Zooko Wilcox on January 20, 2016 as the evolution of the existing project Zerocoin. With the use of the new protocol, an independent Zcash (ZEC) has appeared, ceasing to be an "addition" to bitcoin. October 28, 2016 the official "cryptographic ceremony" took place. The usage of a new method for working with cryptocurrency payments has made it possible to encrypt any information on ongoing transactions securely. This method is called the zero-knowledge proof zk-SNARK, which ultimately ensures the security of all information passing through the block. Any public information on the transaction is presented in the encrypted form, and the usage of zero knowledge serves to confirm the fair conduct of the transaction by each of the users. ZCash, on the one hand, looks quite promising project, able to take a prominent place among the cryptocurrency. Moreover, it's creators continue to work on ZCash. On the other hand, due to the level of anonymity this cryptocurrency becomes an ideal tool for the implementation of illegal transactions. And this makes ZCash a target for legislative prohibitions. If you want to know the latest information and current ZCash exchange rate, visit its telegram account @ZCashco.

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