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Market Cap:

$132 833 399

Circulating Supply:

101 316 910 WAVES

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About Waves

Waves is a platform that acts as a "Blockchain for people" and is designed to enable users to store, trade, manage and release their own digital assets in a safe and easy way. The platform provides benefits to investors, traders, developers and organizations in general, each of which benefits differently. The Wave Platform was founded in 2016 with the mission of reinventing entrepreneurship around the world through a common infrastructure. Waves headquarters are located in Moscow, Russia. By April 2016, she earned $ 22 million in two rounds of funding. This infrastructure offers tools that are very functional and easy to use, and allow each person and organization to access the blockchain. For developers using Waves the platform provides high network throughput, as well as low transaction fees and low latency. Waves allow traders to store their assets at their local client safely. At the same time, they can safely and quickly trade their assets, using a decentralized exchange that is built into the platform. Organizations can release their own marker to help start their business, whether through voting, loyalty programs, crowdfunding or something else. To date, Waves has attracted several large startups and enterprises. One of the best success stories of the Wave is Tokenomica, a venture organization. There is also Upcoin, an initiative for political participation, and ZrCoin. Other key members of the Wave economy include MobileGo (a marketing disc for the mobile gaming platform), EncryptoTel (a provider of VoIP and telecommunications services) and Incent (a loyalty scheme for blockchain). If you want to know the latest information about Waves, visit its telegram account @Wavescommunity

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