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About Wanchain

Wanchain aims to create a distributed future "bank". As a distributed financial infrastructure based on digital assets, the platform allows any institution or individual figure to create its own virtual display window in a "bank" and provide services such as creating a loan, exchanging assets, paying loans and calculating transactions based on digital assets. The theoretical part of the creation of Wanchain began in 2016. By the middle of the year, the project was ready on paper, and its immediate implementation began. It was then when White Paper was released and a WAN token was held. If we dig a little deeper, it becomes clear that the progenitor of Wanchain was the Factom project, developed by the same team and launched in 2014. The research on its basis initiated the study of cross-blockchain transactions. The primary asset of Wanchain is the use of cross-chain. As a result, all transactions and other deals will be distributed and fixed by the system. What can the cross-chain offer in global terms: · A feature of the technology is that there is no third party. The sale, exchange or purchase turn out to be without representatives or other guarantors. Most likely, you have already guessed that it is the smart contracts that will affect the operations performed, as well as the transparency of their formation. · According to official data, smart contracts will be the main advantage of the Wanchain system. · The administration has shown some kind of interaction model, which is designed to motivate end users to participate in the platform. As a result, we get three nodes: the first one will be engaged in the proof of all committed transactions. The second is the recording of data in the blockchain. And finally, the third is the calculation of the remuneration between all participants. The developers called this technology PoC - proof of concept. If you want to know the latest information about Wanchain, visit its telegram account @WanchainCHAT.

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