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0.000128 BTC

Market Cap:

$57 133 375

Circulating Supply:

42 289 806 WTC

Max Supply:

100 000 000 WTC

About Waltonchain

Waltonchain (WTC) is a Chinese blockchain project that aims to track physical objects on a blockchain using RFID technology. By placing an RFID tag on physical objects, such as clothing, Walton can track where the goods are in the manufacturing and retailing process. In 2016, two Asian crypto-enthusiasts, Do Sanghyuk и Xu Fangcheng, were excited about the idea of combining the two latest technologies - the blockchain and the Internet of things. In their idea, this should lead to the emergence of a completely new business ecosystem called Value Internet of Things (VIOT). In the same year, they assembled the team, founded the project and conducted market research. In 2017, the crypto startup has already agreed with several Chinese logistics companies on cooperation. At the same time, the founders decided to hold the ICO in order to collect investments for development and thereby released the Walton Coin currency. In total, the ICO team managed to raise almost $ 10 million. In total, 100 million WTC was produced. The Waltonchain ecosystem consists of a main and supplementary chain. In the Walton ecosystem, the main underlying chain is called Waltonchain, in which the token used for handling and payment is called Waltoncoin (referred to as WTC). WTC is the most important digital token in the Walton ecosystem, the total WTC amount is 100 million. This number is permanent, no more tokens will be issued. Waltonchain is certainly a godsend when it comes to efficient rationalization of supply chain management, minimizing costs and creating decentralized storage. It remains only to see how many manufacturers of products will adopt this new technology. If you want to know the latest information about Waltonchain, visit its telegram account @Waltonchain.

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