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4 642 367 414 USDT

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About Tether

As you know, the blockchain has a number of advantages over traditional financial institutions, as it offers cheap, fast, unlimited transactions without intermediaries. However, the volatility of exchange rates on the blockchain does not allow them to become widespread. Tether combines the technology used by bitcoin with the fiat currency, which allows you to take advantage of the technology of blockchain, using a currency supported by the US Treasury or the European Central Bank. Tether was created by Tether Limited and is closely associated with the Bitfinex exchange. The launch of this cryptocurrency was held in 2014. Its authors have created an innovative platform, which was eagerly awaited by many users and traders around the world. The Tether platform allows you to convert the US dollar, Euro or Japanese yen into the Tether tokens. The Tether coins are 100% provided with a fiat currency on the accounts of the company, which remain completely transparent and subject to checks, which guarantees full compliance with the declared reserves. The Tether can be exchanged for the needed currencies using the platform at any time. The Tether project and its cryptocurrency is the project that will attract more and more uncertain and fearful people to the sphere of cryptocurrency. After all, storing money in the Tether cryptocurrency does not carry any risks at all. Thanks to the approach, Tether provides an opportunity for companies to use maximum opportunities in business, relieving themselves of a headache, how to send payment. If you want to know the latest information about Tether, visit its telegram account @Tether_to


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