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About Steem

Steem is a platform for social networks, based on block relationships, where everyone can earn rewards. The stimulating platform supports public construction and social interaction, rewarding those who participate in publishing, voting and studying large content using cryptocurrency. The birthday of Steem's cryptocurrency can be considered March 24, 2016, when on one of the Bitcoin forums a topic dedicated to studying and testing a new project was created. The platform immediately gained immense popularity, now numbering more than 50,000 active users. Steem was created for ordinary people to reward people for their contributions to online communities, with the goal of empowering people around the world. Because the platform technology is built on the ability to process thousands of actions per second, rewards are plentiful and can be quickly obtained when digital tokens are rewarded within 24 hours of the content and voices being filed. Such rapid growth in the popularity of Steem is based on a number of positive points: · The concept of social and business relations has no analogs. · No commission fees. · The incredible enthusiasm of the members of the community who saw in the platform a completely new direction in social media. · The opportunity to earn assets creating exciting and unique content. · Optimistic prospects for further development of the platform. · Natural promotion of the resource through the creation of content. ·Also, due to the relative youth, and, consequently, the low workload of the project, all transactions are made much faster. If you want to know the latest information about Steem, visit its telegram account @steem_en

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