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0.000002 BTC

Market Cap:

$15 000 000

Circulating Supply:

450 000 000 SPIKE

Max Supply:

1 500 000 000 SPIKE

About Spiking

Traders can easily find whales matching their goals, follow their trades automatically, and take the steps toward fulfilling their dreams of achieving financial freedom. With the use of smart contracts on the blockchain, the Spiking Platform will allow its users to mirror the trading activity of any whale and control their own segregated trading accounts directly. SPIKE will be the token that fuels the Spiking Platform (gas). For new traders, Spiking will offer the assistance of RoboBull — our proprietary AI Robot. RoboBull is an intelligent portfolio management manager that applies artificial intelligence to create a portfolio of different whales based on the trader’s risk/reward ratio. New traders can enjoy peace of mind with a more sustainable trading plan. Tracking whale trades is a valuable barometer which is lacking in the cryptocurrency market today. Spiking is here to introduce a platform that will fill this market void and transform the way traders interact with the market, helping traders at all levels to make better decisions.


Our expert rating

ICO Profile 4.7
Team 4.6
Vision 4.3
Product 4.3


1 SPIKE = 0.01 USD


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Soft cap

2 000 000 USD

Hard cap

15 000 000 USD

Tokens For Sale

1 500 000 000

Sold Tokens


Distributed in ICO




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