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0.000030 BTC

Market Cap:

$9 730 877 209

Circulating Supply:

43 299 885 509 XRP

Max Supply:

100 000 000 000 XRP

About XRP

Ripple - a crypto-currency platform for payment systems, focused on operations with the exchange of currencies without refunds. The predecessor of the Ripple payment protocol, called Ripplepay, was first developed in 2004 by Ryan Fugger. His intention was to allow individuals and communities to create their own money. The first implementation of this system, RipplePay.com, was launched in 2005 as a financial service to provide secure transfer options for members of the online community via the Internet. This led to the idea of ​​a new system developed by Jed McCaleb, which was designed and built by Arthur Britto and David Schwartz. In May 2011, they started developing an electronic payment system in which transactions were confirmed by the consensus of network participants. In September 2012, the team founded the corporation OpenCoin Inc. began developing a new payment protocol, called the Ripple Transaction Protocol. Within the Ripple protocol, a bitcoin-bridge was created, allowing Ripple users to send payment in any currency directly to the bit-address. September 26, 2013 OpenCoin Inc. changed its name to Ripple Labs Inc. The Ripple platform is a direct competitor to the banking sector with its transfer options. Blocking allows you to perform financial transactions for transfers much faster, while the cost of transfers also drops sharply, as there will be no intermediaries between the sender and the recipient. Some financial institutions understand that Ripple can carry not only a threat, but also the benefits of their activities, so they are already starting to cooperate with the platform. This has a beneficial effect on the Ripple rate. If you want to know the latest information and current Ripple exchange rate, visit its telegram account @Ripple.


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