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484 450 000 R

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484 450 000 R

About Revain

Revain is an unbiased overview platform built on blockchain technology. In general, the platform seeks to reinvent the survey industry. Obviously, this industry needs to have some changes: fake reviews are a common phenomenon on the Internet, and a five-star review on TripAdvisor, Yelp and similar rating websites can change the course of the business. The Platform seeks to change the review system to ensure that reviewers publish legitimate reviews of high-quality enterprises. Investors believed in the idea of the platform and invested more than $9 million. The Token, which appeared as a result of ICO, received a ticker R (Revain). The emission level was 1 billion, 70% of the tokens were sold. Another 200 million tokens were reserved for operating expenses. The remaining 100 million will be received by partners. Initially, Revain is designed to serve the cryptocurrency industry. In the end, the platform will extend to the "real world" of restaurant reviews and other similar purposes. Practical use of the platform includes: · ICO Reviews: Revain can be used to ensure that you invest in a reliable company. You can test Revain to view the experience of other users and assess the risk for a particular ICO. · Cryptocurrency Exchange Reviews: you can trade, buy and sell on platforms that are trusted by thousands of other people. You can save time and money and let others know your opinion about a certain exchange of cryptocurrencies. · E-Commerce Reviews: Browse the e-commerce websites to stay safe while shopping online. · Reviews of everything: Use the platform to view restaurants, markets, shops, etc. If you want to know the latest information about Revain, visit its telegram account @revainorg.

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