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$66 849 359

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28 808 713 174 RDD

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About ReddCoin

Reddcoin is a social cryptocurrency that enriches the social life of people and makes the digital currency simple for the general public. Reddcoin achieves this by easily integrating the digital currency platform with all major social networks to make the process of sending and receiving money fun and useful for everyone. Reddcoin is a cryptocurrency with open source code, received from Litecoin. It was launched on January 20, 2014, as the digital currency Scrypt Proof of Work (PoW) through the initial public offering of coins (IPCO) on BitcoinTalk.Org with the aim of becoming a new cryptocurrency fully integrated into social networks. After attracting more than $ 100,000 in funding through the IPCO to support the development, Reddcoin was released to the public on February 2, 2014. Reddcoin was conceived as a full-fledged coin of the social network - or, if it is possible to say, "Social Currency". Currently, developers are creating a hub that will manage various social networking accounts that will be created on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and so on. It is planned to make Reddcoin a hybrid of e-currency / cryptography, a point of reward, etc. Payments have been already included in Twitter, Twitch, and Justin.TV, as well as at Reddit. If you want to know the latest information about Reddcoin, visit it’s telegram account @reddcoinofficial.

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