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Market Cap:

$66 549 078

Circulating Supply:

373 789 868 RHOC

Max Supply:

1 000 000 000 RHOC

About RChain

RChain is a blockchain project whose goal is to implement a scalable blockchain architecture that will allow applications built on RChain to scale to the level of large-scale applications such as Facebook and Visa. This is an open source project whose goal is to create a decentralized and censorship-resistant blockchain platform that will be used as an infrastructure for public computing. RChain was the culmination of a number of innovations by the founder of the RChain Cooperative Greg Meredith. The core of the platform is based on mobile procedural calculus, the achievements of mathematics for the last 30 years. The White Paper of the project was published in July 2016. At that time, the project's goal was to create a social network linked to the blockchain and built-in functions of micropayments. However, due to the complexity of the project and the disagreements among the team members, it was decided to focus on the implementation of the RChain concept. In December 2016 - January 2017, the organization RChain (Co-op and Holdings) was established. Key points of RChain: · The project intends to be a scalable blockchain that can tens of thousands of transactions per second (TPS) · The Rho virtual machine is the basis of this solution. RhoVMs are essentially are based on the RChain method · One of the main features of RChain is the parallelism in the blockchain. The idea is that a complicated process can be divided, processed separately, before recombining If you want to know the latest information about RChain, visit its telegram account @RChain_Official.

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