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About Populous

The Populous project is based on the Ethereum blockchain and uses its smart contract functionality to implement its own ideas. The main direction of development is the invoices trade. In the commercial sector of many countries, an invoice is a document that represents a list of products or services sold, their description, quantity, and cost, as well as the terms of delivery and payment. In the Russian document circulation, there is no such paper. However, if we draw parallels, we can call the invoice a unifying document that includes a sales contract, an acceptance certificate, and other related securities. The Populous platform offers the translation of all related documents into the digital sphere of smart contracts. This option greatly simplifies the turnover, especially in the framework of international trade. Analysts highlight the following advantages of the Populous platform: · fast transactions in digital currency; · the use of smart contracts, the terms of which can only be changed by agreement of the parties; · reduction of the role of intermediaries and reduction of commission fees; · saving time by simplifying the system; · protection against fraud, ensured by the security of the blockchain. The Populous project appeared in the summer of 2017 and already during the preliminary sale of coins (ICO) raised about $ 10 million for further development. Such figures indicate the relevance of the proposed ideas. Many experts point to the inevitable success of the development of the project but link it with smart contracts and the success of the airwaves platform. The bashing on its blockchain and the use of its functionality supports the Populous project, but the potential of the idea plays an essential role in the question of prospects. If you want to know the latest information about Populous, visit it’s telegram account @populous

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