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$51 511 368

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56 781 166 PIVX

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About PIVX

PIVX is a cryptocurrency, designed specifically for secure transactions between users. Its main credo is complete anonymity of the translations. PIVX is an abbreviation for Private Instant Verified Transaction. PIVX cryptocurrency appeared in 2016 as a result of the DASH fork. As a basis, the creators of PIVX took the principles of Bitcoin, including its code. But, according to the developers, their coin does what these two cryptocurrencies are not capable of - completely anonymous transactions. Initially, this coin was called DarkNet. But later it was decided to rename it into PIVX. According to the founders of the currency, it is perfect for business related to small payments. For example, the cryptocurrency can be used to pay for utilities, mobile payments or small money transfers around the world. The team came up with a plan to improve the network for 2018. The first step is to make a deterministic wallet zPIV, in which you do not need to constantly anonymous backup cryptocurrency. Also, zPIV will be included in the principle of Proof of Stake, on which the system works. The team also plans to improve the existing wallet seriously. This year, a mobile version for iOS should appear. It will be possible to offer ideas on how to improve the system, vote for the offers of other holders and implement a service for exchanging zPIV within the wallet. If you want to know the latest information about PIVX, visit it’s telegram account @PIVXChat.

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