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About ODEM

Odem is a mechanism aimed to give students more power over their own careers. The company believes that there are many students all over the world who want to get a better education, but do not have the resources and organizations to do it. Odem intends to use the power of blockchain technology to make qualified education more accessible. Tokens Odems, that are used in the marketplace, is the element that makes it independent of the intermediaries so that users can make transactions directly to each other. All transactions that occur within the platform, that is, student payments for the services of teachers and providers of educational services, are carried out using these tokens. Partially ODEM tokens were sold within the presale, which was held from December 10 to December 31 last year. During the period from February 17 to March 18, the main round of the ICO took place. Along with the main round of crowdsale, beta versions of the platform were also launched. Then, in September, ODEM 1.0 live will be launched, after which the final version of ODEM 2.0 will allow users all around the world to join the automation of finding suitable educational programs by the end of 2018. Unequivocally, the model proposed by ODEM creators will be something radically new and will be an incentive for other solutions to strengthen the possibilities of choosing educational programs for students' requirements. If you want to know the latest information about Odem, visit its telegram account @odem_io.

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