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$68 073 960

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74 319 099 NULS

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About NULS

Nuls is a digital token of the multi-blockchain platform, which offers a unique solution for integrating the activities of enterprises into the blockchain system. Due to the complex smart contracts that will be used at Nuls, the directors of the institutions will be able to program their business model in Nuls and run it into operation. According to the developers, the functionality of the NULS platform can increase business confidence in decentralized applications for blockchain. The Nuls project is under active development, and many of the claimed ideas are only being tested. The roadmap of the project divides its development into the following stages: · March 2018 - testing the preliminary version of the platform, developing technical documentation and providing the public with access to it; · May - completion of the development of the main modules of Nuls, as well as ensuring their cross-interaction, the development of applications based on the platform, the release of a wallet for computers and mobile devices; · July - support of three programming languages ​​for the creation of smart contracts, optimization, and finalization of the interaction of the main modules of Nuls, as well as the release of at least three applications based on the platform; · December - the release of the module with smart contracts and the expansion of the project with the ability of users to join its use and develop their own applications. Analysts positively assess the development prospects of Nuls, paying attention to the current direction and original concept, which solves an extensive list of issues. Thanks to the network being formed, it becomes possible to scale the blockchain, make it customizable and popular. If you want to know the latest information about Nuls, visit its telegram account @Nulsio.

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