14.07.2019 08:29




arrow_upward 262.39%

0.000090 BTC

Market Cap:

$64 382 749

Circulating Supply:

63 657 220 NXS

Max Supply:

78 000 000 NXS

About Nexus

Nexus is an innovative cryptocurrency that uses its own algorithm and well-designed infrastructure that distinguishes it from bitcoin and other first-generation cryptocurrencies. It uses a system of checks and balances to send coins: the transaction can be withdrawn if it was sent to the wrong address. The proof of stake mechanism allows users to earn 2% on the coins assigned to them, and the maximum issue volume is 78 million coins. The development of the Nexus platform was initiated in 2014. The main purpose of its creation was an attempt to purge the digital money market from controversial proposals, to unite communities and integrate various ideas into one structure. Project rebranding took place in 2015, at the same time it was named Nexus. An attempt to improve and refine some features of bitcoin made Nexus (NXS) a unique cryptocurrency and to a certain extent exceptional. This principle refers to a number of technical aspects, aimed at increasing decentralization and security of the network. NXS uses a three-layer structure to achieve consensus: · Prime Channel, which means mining on the central processor; · Hashing Channel - Mining on video cards; · Proof of Stake - proof of a share based on reputation and trust in the node. Work on the Nexus project continues for a long time, and the developers of Nexus showed significant results in creating a fast, secure and decentralized cryptocurrency. Its functionality already allows it to compete with many popular digital currencies successfully, but the developers don't want to stop the development. If you want to know the latest information about Nexus, visit its telegram account @NexusEarth.

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