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0.000091 BTC

Market Cap:

$110 765 364

Circulating Supply:

133 248 297 NANO

Max Supply:

133 248 297 NANO

About Nano

Cryptocurrency Nano (XRB)- is positioned as a system with zero commission, instant transactions and is considered one of the most convenient for consumer use. Nanosystem has a block structure in which each account has its chain with an asynchronous update. This provides a high speed of information processing and the possibility of unlimited scalability. The project of digital money began to be developed from 2014 and was originally called RaiBlocks. January 31, 2018, as a result of the rebranding of the Cryptocurrency, changed its name and began to be sold as Nano. Nano offers users the following benefits: · high transaction speed - all transfers are processed only by their participants, confirmation of the network is required in case of controversial situations; · network dispersal allows you to scale the load, which makes it adaptable to the ubiquitous use of digital money; · in the absence of miners, the commission decreases, which creates conditions for conducting micropayments; · users do not need to download and maintain heavy storage with a full block of the network. Analysts and users positively react to the prospects for the development of Nano. The project solves one of the main problems of cryptocurrency - the speed of transactions at high loads, which makes this digital money quite popular for use. However, some experts identify several negative factors. They pay attention to the protocol of reaching a consensus - the delegated proof of the share is used. This method allows to protect the Nanonetwork from 51% attacks and also provides support for the network by large investors interested in its development. At the same time, the presence of the threat of concentration of capital in the hands of several large players is stressed, which receive additional tools to influence the development of the project. In this direction, the absence of distributed mining in the usual way is also emphasized. If you want to know the latest information about Nano, visit it’s telegram account @RaiBlocks

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