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$54 130 600

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62 463 334 MOAC

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About MOAC

MOAC (MOAC) is the next-generation platform for blockchain, which solves three main problems associated with contracting: scalability (performance), decentralization and security. MOAC solves these three important issues that currently affect Bitcoin and Ethereum while minimizing the barrier to entry for developers, users and cross-industry companies that seek to implement Blockchain Smart Contracting. Thanks to the rapidly growing community of 100,000 people on the Internet, the MOAC team released its platform on May 1, 2018. The MOAC platform provides high performance of Smart Contracting 100 times higher than Ethereum and has a small price. The MOAC team achieved this by creating a modern multi-layer architecture called Multi-Blockchain, which combines MicroChain's proprietary contracts and edge technology. MOAC has published a "roadmap" for the product, which promises significant success in the next 24 months, including the availability of a mobile phone. The team will expand the resources of online developers, including a laboratory for experiments and documentation. Given such a high project capitalization immediately after the start of trading, and the potential of the technologies developed by the team, we can assume that the MOAC cryptocurrency has all the chances to be in demand. If you want to know the latest information about Moac, visit it’s telegram account @moacblockchain.

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