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0.028121 BTC

Market Cap:

$122 485 410

Circulating Supply:

478 274 XIN

Max Supply:

1 000 000 XIN

About Mixin

Mixin is an instant messenger that can be used to transfer all cryptocurrency using end-to-end encryption, offering the easiest way to enter the world of the blockchain. · Transfer any cryptocurrency to anyone who has a phone number, even if they are not users of Mixin. · The easiest way of encryption, even easier than PayPal. · Easy access to all services and DApps in cryptocurrency world. · All end-to-end messages are encrypted with the Signal protocol. · The open API allows everyone to develop new functions for the client. The Mixin project was launched in October 2017. Since then, the network has shown good activity with a high number of transactions. However, for the entire period of the network information about the team of authors of the project and the location of the headquarters of the company was not published on the official site (mixin.one). The project is aimed to provide users with a safe way to trade and exchange various cryptocurrencies through a single peer-to-peer network. The authors of the project want Mixin to be considered as an open Android-ecosystem for all types of blockchains existing today. In addition to the main Mixin network, Mixin Messenger was created as the first open source DApp to enable third-party developers to follow the development of the project and participate in it. If you want to know the latest information about Mixin, visit its telegram account @mixinhome.

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