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944 812 646 LRC

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About Loopring

Loopring provides traders, participants, and institutions with a decentralized automated trading system that fulfills transactions in all crypto exchange networks around the world, protecting them against counterparty risk and reducing their trading costs. During the Crowdsale in summer of 2017, Loopring platform was able to raise about $ 45 million. Such success of the project indicates the relevance of the development and activity of investors - the number of depositors was about 12 thousand users. In the issue of investment, analysts positively assess the potential of the project. They highlight a strong team of developers and consultants, able to realize the goals and objectives. Also, they emphasize the success of ICO, which not only provided the development of starting capital but also showed interest from investors. Loopring is an open source protocol, not a traditional, centralized exchange. Any object under this protocol can participate in the coordination of orders. There are two types of Loopring service charges received from the order matching system: the transaction commission and the fees for the call cost. Loopring can become a worthy competitor to the 0x service. Among its strengths are an experienced development team, excellent resistance to overload, stability and great tools. Among the bad sides is only the relative youth of the project, from which the insufficient development of infrastructure follows. The developers have set a truly grandiose task. They intend to present to the world one of the most technological, safe and functional electronic platforms, which is able to compete on an equal footing with top altcoins. If you want to know the latest information about Loopring, visit its telegram account @loopringorg.

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