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Loom Network



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Market Cap:

$62 068 914

Circulating Supply:

794 301 865 LOOM

Max Supply:


About Loom Network

Loom is a digital token of a Loom Network. The developers of this network decided to fix the vital problems of Ethereum and improved the characteristics responsible for network scaling. In its essence, Loom Network will provide users with functionality similar to Ethereum, but there will be a number of features. The trade of the Loom token began on March 14, 2018, at a price of $0,076. The coin shows an upward trend in growth. Especially the token grew in value from May 2, when the Loom listing was made on the Binance crypto table. In just 3 days, the price rose from $ 0.31 to $ 0.69. Since the moment of entering the exchange, Loom investors increased assets by 908%. A feature of Loom Network is that each created application will have its own blockchain. Such a function can ensure the simultaneous operation of projects, without additional main network load. Also, the Loom Network team identifies two industries in which they would like to develop: gambling and social interaction. According to the developers, their platform is ideal for creating a whole line of games and will be able to conduct various social polls, voting, as well as carry out microtransactions. Improved network scaling will provide faster user interaction on the platform than on Ether. If you want to know the latest information about Loom Network, visit its telegram account @LoomNetworkDev.

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