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$170 374 391

Circulating Supply:

122 364 423 LSK

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About Lisk

Lisk is the Blockchain application platform, created in early 2016. Based on its own Blockchain network and LSK token, the platform allows developers to create, distribute and manage decentralized Blockchain applications, to deploy their own side chain associated with the project network, including the user token. Due to the flexibility of the side chains, developers can fully implement and customize their Blockchain applications. Lisk was announced in early 2016. The first release occurred in May 2016, when it was split from Crypti by the developers Max Kordek and Olivier Beddows. Lisk, like other blockchains, has its own LSK currency. The developers of the new fork decided to resort to the original method of mining coins, different from traditional mining. This method is called "forging", and it is based on the PoS algorithm. The main difference from the usual mining is that not all project participants are involved in the extraction of coins, but only certain "delegates" in the number of 101 people. All the rest vote for these delegates and get one coin for this. Lisk signed an agreement with Microsoft to integrate Azure Blockchain as a Service program (BaaS). It means that developers around the world can develop, test and release applications for Lisk, using the cloud computing platform and Microsoft Azure infrastructure. If you want to know the latest information about LISK, visit its telegram account @Lisk_HQ

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