29.02.2020 02:59

Kyber Network



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0.000061 BTC

Market Cap:

$94 988 295

Circulating Supply:

179 239 688 KNC

Max Supply:


About Kyber Network

Kyber Network is a new decentralized exchange that allows you to trade and convert cryptocurrencies instantly. The project started in early 2017. The service positions itself as an exchanger and payment system at the same time. The highlight of the project is smart contracts for conducting exchange transactions and almost instant exchanges realized with the help of reserve managers. ICO company was more than successful, collecting $ 50,000,000. The funds were distributed according to the already formed roadmap, although some terms were changed: · Q1-2018. Start of the project in version 1.0, supporting the Ethereum tokens; · Q2-2018. Realization of support for tokens of other crypto platforms; · Q3-2018. Trading platform will be fulfilled with cryptocurrencies with the greatest capitalization and market activity; · Q1-2019. Implementation of trade processes between cryptocurrency networks and ecosystems. As in any cryptocurrency ecosystem, Kyber Network has its own payment instrument KNC. The tasks that the tokens will perform are: 1. To obtain the opportunity for reserve managers to post their offers, they need to purchase KNC tokens. They will also be paid to managers, partners, and all network members; 2. The activation of reserves and the increase in the cost of KNC. All the coins that remain after each cycle of mutual settlements will be burned, which will automatically raise the value of the remaining. If you want to know the latest information about Kyber Network, visit its telegram account @officialkybernetwork.

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