06.03.2020 01:59

Huobi Token



arrow_upward 3.55%

0.000525 BTC

Market Cap:

$1 093 103 168

Circulating Supply:

228 540 245 HT

Max Supply:

0 HT

About Huobi Token

Huobi Token's cryptocurrency is a digital token created by the developers of the Huobi exchange as an additional tool for paying commissions for transactions. In addition, Huobi Tokens will be available for trading and will participate in trades with BTC, ETH, and USDT. At many points Huobi Token is very similar to Binance Coin: tokens can be used as payment of commissions, receiving a discount of up to 50%, the exchange also organizes quarterly redemption (which uses 20% of the revenue of the trading platform), this guarantees the support of the exchange rate. But, unlike Binance, Huobi does not burn its coins, they go to the risk insurance fund. The main cryptocurrency player, Huobi also decided that they would not use ICO or the original coin offer. What is the worth of the Huobi (HT) token? · Discount on the commission: you can get a discount up to 50% of the commission. · Regular redemption: 20% of Huobi Pro's revenue will be used to buy tokens from the open market. All redeemed tokens will be sent to the investor protection fund Huobi. These funds will be used to protect investors and compensate for the losses of users of the platform. · Exclusive events for HT owners: for example, HT owners can sometimes receive coins recently added to Huobi. · Convenience of the exchange: the trading pair USDT / HT, BTC / HT, and ETH / HT will be added to the exchange. · Participation in business development: HT holders will be able to participate in the voting program. Thus, these investors will be able to participate in the decision-making and business development of Huobi. Most likely, Huobi Token's cryptocurrency will have a good potential for growth, as its creator, the Huobi exchange, ranks third in turnover per day among the crypto exchanges. If you want to know the latest information about Huobi, visit its telegram account @huobiproofficial.

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