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0.000348 BTC

Market Cap:

$98 484 190

Circulating Supply:

43 529 781 HC

Max Supply:

84 000 000 HC

About HyperCash

Hcash or Hshare (HSR) is a token of a decentralized platform with open source code. It was designed to act as a liaison between the various ecosystems of blockchain technology. It is called the Chinese imitator of IOTA and almost analogous to ARK. Around this digital currency, there is a rather heated debate concerning "White Paper", the real goals of the project and rumors that it is an ordinary scum. The launch of the cryptocurrency was carried out through the ICO, which Hcash company began on June 28, 2017. Project team members live in China and Australia. Although they receive substantial support from experts from some of the world's universities, most of the creators of Hshare are still unknown in the community of users of digital currencies. The key features of this cryptocurrency are: · decentralized, open source platform; · cross-platform data (works with a block and no-block digital currencies); · The use of a highly secure and authenticated data link. The Hcash platform is designed as a unique chain for block and non-block systems. This system is designed to transfer information between cryptographic systems of various types. It is a cryptocurrency with a distributed database, based on the DAG algorithm. Like all new cryptocurrency, Hshare has a promising vision for the future, including building the relationship between blockchains of different digital coins. However, the real significance of this project can be seen only after its creators have implemented all their ideas. If you want to know the latest information about Hcash, visit its telegram account @HcashOfficialEnglish

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