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$106 687 420

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163 494 303 148 HOT

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About Holo

Holo is a digital token of the Holochain platform, which allows storage and distribution of data. The Holo network is part of the Holochain ecosystem, which consists of nodes and users that can place their data (applications) on the network and get paid for it. The Holochain platform is based on the Ethereum blockchain, so its HOT tokens are based on the ERC20 protocol. Holo was created in February 2018. Its pre-sale was held in February, and sale – in April. The team managed to collect more than $20 000 000 during the ICO. The idea of the project is very interesting, but it reminds Walton platform - an ecosystem for business. Although, it is worth noting the features of Holochain. The Holochain platform is unique because instead of the usual PoS and PoW technologies, it uses the DHT algorithm (Distributed Hash Table). The application of this algorithm allows to make the network of Holochain more scaled. The idea of creating this technology is to make transactions between two people within the network, so it is not necessary to receive confirmation from the network participants and to write it down in a general journal. For this, users can create their own chain and make payments within it. Given the current cost of Holo tokens on exchanges and the low popularity of the project at the moment, we can assume that this year there may be a good growth in the value of this cryptocurrency. If you want to know the latest information about Holo, visit its telegram account @channelholo.

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