06.03.2020 01:59

Ethereum Classic



arrow_upward 2.86%

0.000900 BTC

Market Cap:

$953 030 787

Circulating Supply:

116 313 299 ETC

Max Supply:

210 000 000 ETC

About Ethereum Classic

Ethereum Classic (ETC) appeared as a result of the Ethereum hard fork in 2016 and is positioned as its original version. This cryptocurrency actively struggles for a place in the top 10 digital money capitalization, however experts differently estimate its potential. In the past there was only one Ethereum network. Later there was a financial attack, as a result of which the history of Ethereum Classic began. All the funds of investors that were invested in the system, were stolen. To fix the situation and save future funds, the developers of the platform Ethereum decided to change the blockchain and return the lost money. However, many members of this community opposed the change. As a result, the platform was divided into two detachments - the Ethereum and the Ethereum Classic. The main principles of Ethereum Classic are: Goals. Representatives of the Ethereum Classic argue that the main goal of the project is to preserve the blockchain in its original form. They seek to offer an alternative to those who do not agree with saving the abstract interface without database and drawing out a new project. Ideology. Developers focus on the very first concept of the Ethereum, according to which it was impossible to roll back or change the results of smart contracts. They want to share such concepts as duty and responsibility, and are sure that there is no need to eliminate defects such as erroneous contracts. The main slogan of the company is "Code is the law". Motivation. To continue to move in the original direction, the developers must fork the Ethereum. This will provide the basis for creating truly safe applications that are resistant to censorship. If you want to know the latest information about Ethereum Classic, visit its telegram account @ethclassic

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