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About Ethereum

Ethereum is the second cryptocurrency concerning capitalization. This currency has colossal potential. Therefore it is considered the main competitor of bitcoin. Today, the rate of the Etherium is at the center of attention of investors, miners and users, who are at the first stage of crypto-world. Due to its merits, Ethereum may overtake Bitcoin in the future. The Etherium was originally described in one of Vitaliy Buterin's publications in late 2013. In April 2014, Ethereum was formally described by Gavin Wood in the so-called "yellow book". Around the same time, Ethereum was informally described as the "next-generation Bitcoin" platform (or "Bitcoin 2.0"). In the second half of 2014, fundraising for further development through crowdfunding began. The Ethereum block-platform was launched on July 30, 2015. Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum was developed as a platform for the creation of decentralized applications, and Ethereum's blockchain was designed specifically for the work of these applications. After the appearance of Bitcoin, Ethereum remained for a long time the only cryptocurrency that has high growth potential. This currency has a unique difference, which is based on the usage of smart contracts. This smart contract technology allows implementing the automation mechanism during the transaction process, by previously calculating all the accompanying conditions, as well as the result of each individual transaction. Such an approach guarantee higher stability in comparison with bitcoin, since there is no way to influence the conditions. Talking about the prospects of Ethereum, we can say that they are convincing. This cryptocurrency is characterized by simplicity of mining, stable growth of the exchange rate, an absence of any organization control and wide functionality.

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