06.03.2020 01:59




arrow_upward 4.92%

0.000414 BTC

Market Cap:

$3 467 696 555

Circulating Supply:

920 680 049 EOS

Max Supply:

1 000 000 000 EOS

About EOS

EOS is a technological platform for blockchain, which revolves around the use of tokens of the project. These platform tokens were launched in the summer of 2017 after the successful ICO (end of June 2018). The project is similar to Ethereum. Like Ethereum, EOS is a platform for hosting smart contracts, designed for open source projects and decentralized consumer-oriented applications (DApps). The platform emphasizes all of the following main functions: Scalability: EOS is capable of supporting thousands of decentralized commercial-scale applications. Parallel execution, asynchronous communication, and other services also increase the scalability of the platform. Flexibility: EOS offers generalized role-based permissions, the ability to freeze and fix broken applications. Сonvenience: EOS has a web-based toolkit for developing an interface, as well as self-describing interfaces that include database schemas and a declarative permission scheme. Equal opportunities: EOS signs do not have a predetermined price, and market demand determines the price of tokens. It is intended to imitate production without giving unfair advantages to large buyers. Wide use: Distribution of platform tokens occurs within 341 days. The intention is to give the community enough time to become familiar with the project and take part in the distribution. So EOS is a commercial-class blockchain designed to support millions of users through delegated evidence of a share system. If you want to know the latest information and current EOS exchange rate, visit its telegram account @EOSProject.


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