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Market Cap:

$68 946 167

Circulating Supply:

15 642 231 ELA

Max Supply:


About Elastos

Elastos (ELA) cryptocurrency is a digital token of the smart economy platform. This project is aimed at creating a secure, intelligent and decentralized system that operates through the peer-to-peer network infrastructure. The project Elastos started on January 2, 2018, through the ICO. The authors of the project conducted three stages of selling tokens to raise funds for financing their idea. The development of Elastos took more than 17 years. The headquarters of the Elastos Foundation, which is behind the project, is located in Shanghai. The sale of ELA tokens took place from January 2 to 23, 2018. The cost of each coin was $18,09. In total, $94.1 million was collected, including $57 million in the preliminary sale. In total, the Elastos network provides 33 million tokens. On January 25, 2018, Elastos announced the successful completion of the third and final round of the sale of the tokens. As a result, it was possible to collect 2,500 BTC and distribute 2 million ELA. The authors of the project are trying to create a new kind of Internet on the blockchain. Within this platform, people will be able to own digital assets and receive income from this. Today there is a huge amount of audio, video and game content in the world. But people do not always really own their digital property. It is much easier to buy a digital book than to sell it by yourself. The goal of Elastos is to make digital assets identifiable and tradable with the option of registering ownership rights. The creators of Elastos intend to present a new version of the World Wide Web, which will respect these rights. If you want to know the latest information about Elastos, visit it’s telegram account @elastosgroup.

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