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Market Cap:

$85 481 437

Circulating Supply:

2 000 000 DGD

Max Supply:


About DigixDAO

Digix is a platform for asset tokenization on Ethereum, which transfers gold as an asset to the blockchain, making it possible to transfer digital gold with the help of a blockchain. Digix created DigixDAO (DAO - decentralized stand-alone organization) to transfer control of the digital gold based payment system to the users to the blockchain. All the holders of DigixDAO tokens control the development of Digix. The question of "monetization" of precious metals was in the minds of developers for a long time. That's why the creators of DigixDAO gathered in a small group. So, in February 2016 it was announced that gold is in a warehouse in a small state of Singapore. This marked the launch of DigixDAO. The start attracted the attention of investors because the project was not typical and had a strong connection not with something abstract, but with a very real precious metal - gold. And what attracts large investors, always attracts ordinary users. That's why the DigixDAO cryptocurrency quickly gained popularity and continues to do so until now. The creators of Digix decided not to deal with the issue of shares for capitalization of funds, instead of launching the DAO protocol, which distributes tokens for investors. It gives the right to manage the company's assets through the decentralized technology of blockchain. Each user is a full participant, influencing the future of the platform. The development and management of DigixDAO are happening according to an interesting scheme. The service team offers investors various options for further promotion of the protocol from the point of view of specialists. Holders of the coins still can participate in the vote to reach a consensus (general agreement of all parties). If you want to know the latest information about DigixDAO, visit its telegram account @DigixDAO

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