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0.002090 BTC

Market Cap:

$205 332 654

Circulating Supply:

10 786 831 DCR

Max Supply:

21 000 000 DCR

About Decred

Decred is a cryptocurrency that uses a hybrid consensus system to achieve a balance between the miners and users. The purpose of Decred is to use this hybrid system to create a more reliable currency. For a long time - about one and a half year - the project was in a state of development. It was functioning but was tested more than it was fully represented in the market. On April 20, 2017 the Decred team announced the forthcoming release of the full version of the software for this platform. The representatives of the project themselves believe that this release can be considered an "epoch-making event" for the entire virtual society. Confidence in their power is based on a simplified management system, as well as the opportunity provided to each participant of the system to influence the development of the project. Decred combines the development of other platforms based on a similar bitcoin code. Assumes the active development of the following areas: · transactions scaling and increasing the speed of their confirmation; · consensus principle based on combined PoW and PoS protocols; · increased privacy in the use of cryptocurrency; · a decentralized self-government system based on user voting; · Dash-like system of distribution of rewards and self-financing; · development of a platform for active implementation of smart contracts. If you want to know the latest information about Decred, visit its telegram account @Decred.

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