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Market Cap:

$1 645 642 023

Circulating Supply:

350 000 000 LINK

Max Supply:


About Chainlink

ChainLink is a digital token of the ChainLink platform, the purpose of which is to apply the technology of smart contracts in the current financial system. With the help of ChainLink platform, all smart contracts of Ethereum cryptocurrency using API technology will be able to connect to existing payment systems and execute transactions. In addition to the Ethereum network, the ChainLink network will be able to connect to the Bitcoin blockchain. ChainLink is software with its internal currency Link tokens. In addition, it is worth noting that the network ChainLink consists of oracles, which will collect information from the outside world. This function is necessary in order to collect additional information when making transactions. The parent company of the ChainLink, SmartContract, was founded in September 2014. It was chosen as "2017 Blockchain Applications Cool Vendor". SmartContract has a partnership with Swift's interbank messaging platform. In June 2017, they completed the concept of the first stage, and SWIFT became a payment client of ChainLink. In order to create a decentralized network of verified oracles, developers propose to the owners of any data channel, feeds or API to provide information to ChainLink and get LINK tokens as bonuses for this. The ChainLink platform has two working parts: · Internal blockchain; · external offchain. If you want to know the latest information about ChainLink, visit its telegram account @ChainLink.

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