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About Bytom

Bytom (BTM) is an interactive protocol based on byte assets. The unique decentralized Bytom service appeared in 2017. The development of the platform involved Chinese programmers. The main task is to create a protocol that provides the ability to manage all types of financial assets. Key project ideas were realized through the use of Blockchain technologies. In order to attract funding, the project organizers decided to conduct an ICO, which resulted in the appearance of BTM coins, which eventually became domestic currency. The purpose of the Bytom project is to transfer the external world into the digital world and tokenize all assets of the real sector. Inside the Bytom project, there are two types of byte assets: elementary byte assets and external byte assets. Within the Bytom there are several levels of work with these assets: · Application - contains tools for managing securities and user interaction with them; · Smart contracts - drawing up agreements on a contract basis in order to interact with other users; · Release of own assets and tokens, transactions and transfers. Bytom developers are trying to create an application integrated with all types of assets. The attention is focused on the fact that the technology of the blockchain has in fact opened up access to new opportunities for the safe storage and use of digital data. In this context, many large companies and even governments are thinking about transferring their assets to a digital basis. The Bytom platform aims to become the first platform that will provide convenient tools and functionality for managing such assets. If you want to know the latest information about Bytom, visit its telegram account @BytomInternational.

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