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Market Cap:

$55 000 000

Circulating Supply:

12 100 000 BOTC

Max Supply:

22 000 000 BOTC

About BotChain

BotChain is a platform to enable trust and audit of autonomous software by offering standardized registry, identity validation and an immutable event ledger for AI products, including bots and RPA tools. The platform was established by the team at Talla Inc, whose expertise lies in AI-powered knowledge and information management for enterprises. Based in Boston, MA, Talla is lead by an executive team with decades of entrepreneurial experience building large-scale business applications. To date, Talla has raised more than $12 million in venture capital. BotChain is joined in partnership by leading bot and AI companies including Gupshup, a platform for developers, and B2B enterprise bots Polly, CareerLark, Botkit, Disco (formerly Growbot), Zoom.ai, Progress.ai and botkeeper. Together, BotChain's early partners interact with nearly 400 million end-users globally. BotChain is in development on a private chain and will launch shortly, utilizing the public Ethereum blockchain.


Our expert rating

ICO Profile 4.3
Team 4.8
Vision 4.3
Product 4.2


1 BOTC = 2.50 USD


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ETH, BTC, Fiat

Soft cap

15 000 000 USD

Hard cap

40 000 000 USD

Tokens For Sale

22 000 000

Sold Tokens


Distributed in ICO




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