06.03.2020 01:59

Bitcoin Cash



arrow_upward 5.34%

0.036897 BTC

Market Cap:

$6 154 225 091

Circulating Supply:

18 314 600 BCH

Max Supply:

21 000 000 BCH

About Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash is a cryptocurrency, Bitcoin fork, separated from it. The catalyst for the appearance of Bitcoin Cash was the contradiction caused by the fact that many considered the Bitcoin code morally obsolete. The 1 MB block was already insufficient for stable and fast network operation. Confirmation of transactions occurred more slowly, and the amount of commissions increased. It was necessary to update the network in order to continue its development seriously. The opinion of market participants was divided. Some thought that it was necessary to leave the existing chain, and make changes inside it, without violating the general structure and principle of work. Others insisted on the fork. The Bitcoin team decided to create a new Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency. The new currency works on a protocol similar to bitcoin: the SHA-256 hash algorithm; the same system of rewards and consensus Proof of Work; the same limit of emission - no more than 21 million coins can be issued. But there are also several key differences: the main difference is the 8 times bigger block size, up to 8 megabytes; the scheme of complexity change differs: it does not change every 2016 blocks, as in BTC, but every 6. Also there are several benefits of Bitcoin Cash: protection against the erasure of transactions and iteration; a special kind of transactions where the user is given the opportunity to sign the sums of transfers separately, making payments safer. If you want to know the latest information and current BCH exchange rate, visit its telegram account @bitcoincashfork.


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