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$9 105.44

arrow_upward 4.16%

1.000000 BTC

Market Cap:

$166 218 124 571

Circulating Supply:

18 254 812 BTC

Max Supply:

21 000 000 BTC

About Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the first, and the most popular cryptocurrency in the world. The Bitcoin rate defines the general direction of the crypto-currency market. Bitcoin was created in 2009 by a coder or a team of coders with the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto (who is still not known). In 2009, Satoshi published the source code of the system and this event can be called the beginning of the existence of this cryptocurrency. Users began to pay special attention to Bitcoin in 2011, when they noticed obvious advantages over other currencies. Key benefits of Bitcoin: There is no registration The wallet is not tied to the identity of the user, anyone can create an unlimited number of wallets Cheap, anonymous and unlimited transfers around the world There are no intermediaries, digital money is directly transferred between users It is impossible to block the transfer, freeze money in the user's wallet or "roll back" the already committed bitcoins Bitcoins can be stored on your computer, on a smartphone, on an online wallet, on a special device or in a safe There is no controlling organization, the price of bitcoins is determined only by market demand and supply The release of bitcoins is strictly limited and predictable When it comes to the cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, the opinions of experts vary greatly. Some analysts predict constant growth while others, vice versa, predict a decrease in the value of this currency. The reason lies in other digital currencies. According to specific parameters, they significantly exceed their predecessor so that they may become leaders in the future.

The most famous people of the industry
and their achievements in the field of Bitcoin

Satoshi Nakamoto




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