27.12.2018 21:08




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0.000083 BTC

Market Cap:


Circulating Supply:

7 000 000 BEN

Max Supply:

100 000 000 BEN

About BitCoen

BitCoen is the first Community Open Exchange Network. This is a crypto currency, which allows us to unite already today such communities as among themselves such as Turks, representatives of Jewish communities and Russians. The BitCoen ecosystem includes the BitCoen token and an offline and online payment system that allows BitCoen to be used in everyday life: the international loyalty program BitCoen ("BitCoen Loyalty"). BitCoen has its own unique blockchain technology, it's not fork bitcoin or etherium. Now it is of the the fastest blockchain in the world. Another unique feature is the absence of a commission for transactions. The BitCoen blockchain is sustainable: it does not involve mining of proof of work or proof of stake. Confirmation of transactions occurs through the protocol of proof of time. That is, high transaction speed is a guarantee of its reliability.


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