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$138 619 890

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11 000 000 REP

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About Augur

The augur platform is positioned as the first prediction system with a high accuracy of obtaining the result. The principle of operation is simple enough: each participant can predict events and provide possible options for obtaining results in certain situations. The development and creation of the augur cryptocurrency have been carried out since 2014, and in general access, it came in 2015. In practice, the system is based on the Ethereum block system, allowing each user to participate in the development of the project and profit from it. For a long time, predictions were considered profanity, but Google has already proved the effectiveness of the "wise crowd" method, using the results of its employees to achieve results. Today it has evolved into a large-scale project, which every day expands its influence and increases the number of partners. Using the technology of blockchain, the creators managed to exclude all factors that could influence the final result, making it less accurate or even leading away from the truth: · absolute decentralization, in which each person can create themes, propose variants of developments and vote; · absence of the possibility of closing the market; · direct impact on the result (randomness, blackmail, defamation, etc.). As a result, each user can create a market here, as well as offer his own event outcome. Traders can acquire shares that are tied to certain events, and the total value of these shares depends on the result. If you want to know the latest information about Augur, visit its telegram account @AugurProject

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