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Market Cap:

$70 495 905

Circulating Supply:

301 432 293 AE

Max Supply:

0 AE

About Aeternity

Aeternity is a scalable blockchain platform, created in 2017, that allows you to execute transactions at high speed, and also includes purely functional smart contracts and decentralized oracles. The maximum Aeternity exchange rate was recorded in June 2017, and then the token showed the highest value for the entire time of its existence $3.71. After that, there was a short period of decline associated with the finalization of the currency structure, and only from the end of 2017, the second wave of growth began. Two stages were held in 2017 within the Crowdsale. In April, from the 3rd to the 6th, the first stage passed. The second one took place 45 days later. At the first stage, $5 million was invested. Even then, 2.5 thousand investors became owners of 135 million AE. At the same time, they immediately exchanged them to BTC and Etherium. For the use of Aeternity blockchain users pay AE tokens. In addition, financial applications on the platform are based on the AE token. All commissions and calculations in smart contracts are held in AE tokens. The æternity development team, using an innovative approach to retaining the full contracted Turing code in state channels, was able to facilitate the analysis and reduce the processing time of the smart contract. This technology improves scalability because all transactions become independent and can be processed simultaneously. The innovative approach of Aeternity developers is obvious. This platform has all the features of virtuality and scalability, allows you to execute transactions and perform complex smart contracts instantly. Using your token, you can perform all actions, including payment of transaction fees, as well as to pay for various financial transactions. Undoubtedly, innovations are the main hobby of the creators of the platform, and hopefully, their ideas will benefit the whole crypto community. If you want to know the latest information about Aeternity, visit its telegram account @aeternity.

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