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$175 865 622

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626 286 727 ZRX

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About 0x

0x is a protocol that allows you to organize a decentralized exchange of tokens and assets released on the Ethereum blockchain. Developers can use 0x to create their own cryptocurrency exchange applications that have a wide range of functions, for example, the ability to conduct over-the-counter trade of tokens released on Ethereum. Will Warren and Amir Bandeali created the idea of 0x protocol. In their opinion, the Ethereum blockchain is developing at an incredible pace. Thanks to tokenization through the ethereum network, more and more assets will become digital, which will lead to the need to implement a single standard for the exchange of these assets. This "measure" should be 0x, which will accelerate and reduce the cost of exchanging ethereum tokens. Will and Amir gathered a group of like-minded people and started implementing the crypto project in 2016. At the same time, the first smart contracts based on 0x were launched. But they worked only in test mode. In 2017 the team expanded and released several test versions of smart contracts and improved the work of 0x. Also in the middle of the year the team held an ICO and collected almost $24 million for its project. 0x Features: - It’s an exchange protocol, not an exchange application. - 0x does not have a center that can be hacked - Instead of the existing system that is created to collect commissions, 0x is an infrastructure that is funded by a community of stakeholders - Even though the protocol is free, it allows you to create commercial applications for exchanging information over a protocol. - 0x is intended for integration directly into smart contracts so that transactions can be executed programmatically in the Solidity code If you want to know the latest information about 0x, visit its telegram account @ZRXProject.

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