№1 professional DEFI ecosystem in the world
The easiest and secure way to
launch your DEFI project
No coding
No special knowledge
DIY DEFI Builder
№1 professional DEFI ecosystem in the world
The easiest and secure way to
launch your DEFI project
No coding
No special knowledge
DIY DEFI Builder
Borderless. Limitless. Powerful.
A platform that allows to create decentralized banks and FinTech projects from any corner of the Earth using advanced technologies in smart contracts.
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A simple and convenient platform for creating projects in the DeFi and crypto space. It has never been so easy to create your own project on the blockchain. There is no need to learn programming and learn smart contracts, you just need to think of an idea, and our constructor will realize it.
We strive to provide exceptional quality solutions and service to our clients through use of modern technology and established culture that supports our team members.
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About Us
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Creating the Future of Finance Today
Kari Guggenberger has been working in the IT industry for over 16 years. During this period she created many projects and had been managing them. Moreover, she has solid experience with both software and hardware projects.

Kari is a libertarian and always upholds the right to freedom and privacy. For this, she often speaks on the side of the public in the event of oppression of the rights and freedoms of ordinary people.

Thanks to this ideology, her attention was attracted by blockchain and cryptocurrencies, which allow building not only decentralized banks and projects but entire states.

She join block-chain.com as a PM, and aims to empower everyone to create own decentralized projects and not depend on centralized governing institutions.
Kari Guggenberger
PM & Inspirer
Kari Video Interview
Networking and business partnerships are our way
Paddy joined our team as an advisor back in 2018. He is a great entrepreneur with a serious approach to tech startups and enterprises in Asia. He has more than 20 years of experience in identifying startups from idea to mentoring, funding and acquisition. He increases credibility by working with founders, partners, and venture capitalists to make the entire business plan work. Because of his passion for everything related to technology, he has closely followed wearable technology, cryptocurrency investments, gadgets, web technology (IOT), and mobile security.

He has extensive knowledge of how technology can be integrated across businesses and provides consulting services to business leaders with a team of digital and systems integration colleagues specializing in change management, digital marketing, gamification and application development.
Paddy Tan
Our ecosystem
Our ecosystem
Smartcontract Builder
A convenient and intuitive constructor of DEFI projects allows everyone to create a DEFI project without knowledge of programming, design and economics.

We created LEGO for DEFI. Our platform just as easy to understand, but at the same time as flexible as possible to allow you to create a unique DEFI project.
The united pool of liquidity for DEFI
Any new DEFI project has difficulties with distributing the flow of supply and demand.

Therefore, we created a united decentralized liquidity pool that allows you to exchange liquidity between various DEFI projects created on our platform, thereby increasing your efficiency and earnings.
system of oracles
A set of specialized oracles that allow you to receive up-to-date information for the correct operation of DEFI projects.
prices oracles for crypto assets
cryptomarket state oracles

A marketplace of marketing, consulting and PR services
listing of a token on crypto-exchanges

PR DeFi project in the media

attracting traffic to a DeFi project

maintenance and support of social networks and messengers
Rating of all DEFI projects, both created on our platform and presented on the market.
web portal builder
unique site

domain name

intuitive creating and managing cryptowallets

integration with cryptowallets

personal user account for interaction with the DEFi-project
We developed a platform that allows you to create a ready-made web portal for your DEFI project which includes:
Professional Whitepaper Constructor for Projects
accounting for all legal nuances

support for multiple languages

accounting the specifics of each project

individual visualization
Management system and project analytics
An internal DEFI project management system that allows you to manage the main project functions, interact with the platform's marketing activities, work with the liquidity center and analytics platform for your DEFI project.
Launchpad platform
Platform for the public launch of DEFI projects. A marketing tool that allows a new DEFI project to announce itself publicly to an interested audience.
lower transaction costs

high transactions speed

specialized oracles within the main network

built-in DEFI tools

built-in DEFI launch tools
We create our own specialized blockchain for DEFI projects, which offers numerous opportunities for DEFI projects
The Informational and analytical materials of the block-chain.com project. There we will post publications and articles in which we will tell you what is DeFi and why they are the future. You will also be able to learn about the latest innovations and trends in decentralized finance on this page. Read more on our project block-chain.info